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5 Pillars of Great Resource Management

Resource management is critical for every professional services organization. Done well, it increases efficiency, improves margins, increases employee satisfaction, and helps to deliver customer satisfaction. But great resource management is built on five pillars, each equally strong and supporting the demands of each other.

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This whitepaper breaks down the complexities of successful resource management into five core pillars. For a professional services organization to thrive, it needs to have these components at a certain level of maturity, in place, and aligned. These pillars are:

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Brandon Ledford

Vice President, Human Capital, MGT Consulting Group

1. People - How can you allocate your resources as efficiently as possible?

2. Process - How can your current strategies mature for stronger utilization?

3. Data - What critical data is necessary for informed resource management?

4. Technology - Are you using RM solutions that are outdated or insufficient?

5. Culture - Is your workplace a healthy ecosystem for your employee needs?