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Transform Business Performance with Effective Resource Planning

As professional services organizations have emerged as key revenue drivers for technology firms, PS executives have become increasingly fixated on revenue forecasting. But only looking at the revenue side of forecasting can lead to project backlogs and low utilization rates, and now the focus is shifting to resource forecasting.

Inside the Webinar

Effective planning of your most important and strategic asset, your people, should be a priority to drive the key PS metrics of revenue, margin, and client satisfaction. Unfortunately, the majority of services organizations do not take advantage of today’s more innovative methods to guarantee the strongest results.

View this on demand webinar to learn how to leverage people, process, and technology to proactively transform resource management and elevate both your business performance and employee engagement.

Presented By:
  • John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Technology Research, TSIA
  • Chris Scalia, Chief Client Officer, Mavenlink

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