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The Top 4 Productivity Obstacles The Top 4 Productivity Obstacles

The Top 4 Productivity Obstacles

Every Consulting Firm Must Overcome

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The ability to understand how productivity barriers can affect your workforce, in often unseen ways, can help your company identify and eliminate distractions and complications that are eating away at your margins and utilization rates.

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There are several elements that can negatively impact productivity, with variations based on industry and how individual businesses are run. However, the four major obstacles most frequently encountered across modern businesses are


Downtime and Lagtime Leaving Resources Underutilized: Streamline Work Through Gantt Charts


Over-Connectivity and Alerts Create Distractions: Consolidate Communication Channels on a Single Platform


Time Lost Switching Between Applications: Integrate Applications for Faster Processes


Multitasking Overwhelms Team Members: Clarify Project Priorities and Timelines

"With Mavenlink, not only will our people be more fully engaged, but we’ll also be able to easily resolve downtime and get the most out of our internal talent."

Brandon Ledford

Vice President, Human Capital, MGT Consulting Group