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The Agency Pricing & Financials Report

Download this report from HubSpot with benchmark data compiled from over 750 agency executives and discover how to better price, manage and sell your work.


Leading an agency is a challenging pursuit — it's a different type of business with its own set of rules, language, and best practices. Many agency professionals have questions, but don’t know where to turn.

Luckily our friends at HubSpot are here to help.

HubSpot conducted a survey with more than 750 agency executives and asked them key questions about their business — everything from how they find and retain staff, how they price their work, what percentage of client bids do they win.

With this data they uncover important — and sometimes alarming — trends. For example, 37% of agencies currently don’t know if their completed projects are profitable or not!

Key Findings in the Report

  • Average salaries and retainers
  • What KPIs to track
  • Ideal project margins for growth
  • What sources drive the best new business leads

Whether you run a 5-person or 200-plus-person agency, download this report and discover how to better price, manage, sell, market, and deliver client work.

Download the Report

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