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Optimizing Resources on Billable Projects: From Rate Cards to Utilization Reports

Held on Thursday, April 9 2015

Rate Cards are a powerful way to standardize project pricing and improve the profitability of your team’s billable projects. They let you set bill rates by role and by project while defining clear pricing objectives to your clients. The Utilization Report helps identify how your team’s time is spent, from what was estimated to actual time tracked (both billable and non-billable).

During this webinar, we’ll show you how to maximize both of these tools in order to optimize resources, understand your team’s performance, and inform the right decisions that can help your business increase its profitability.

What attendees should expect:

  1. Learn how to create rate cards for different client scenarios and apply them to your projects
  2. Get tips on how you can automate project pricing for new projects
  3. See how the Utilization Report can show you projected vs. actual billable time of your team, and how to use the drill-down functionality to get more granular data

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For questions about the webinar please email us at support (at) mavenlink (dot) com.
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