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Mavenlink Proofing

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Mavenlink Proofing

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Say hello to quick and easy approvals, and goodbye to siloed feedback and rework.

Mavenlink Proofing is a single, collaborative platform for creative asset review and approval. Use Mavenlink Proofing to:

  • Review and approve creative assets faster.
  • Eliminate versioning nightmares.
  • Combine digital proofing and project management.

In this introduction to Mavenlink’s latest feature, you’ll learn how to:

  • Add proofs to Mavenlink projects
  • Quickly review and add clear feedback
  • Use split-screen view to compare versions and concepts
  • Invite clients to review proofs
  • Add feedback to video and audio
  • Manage past versions
  • Access all your project proofs in central location
  • And more ...

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For questions about Mavenlink Proofing (or any other feature) please email us at info (at) mavenlink (dot) com.

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