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Leveraging Cloud Integration to Drive Innovation

Discover the emerging model that’s enabling today’s progressive professional and marketing services organizations to operate with greater agility, predictability, and precision.

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A sea of applications have been deployed in an attempt to simplify, streamline, and propel business. However, a lack of systems architecture has resulted in creating new silos and gaps in process causing tech stacks to resemble a tangled environment similar to that of a hairball.

Getting out of the hairball is critical: services organizations must move beyond spreadsheets if they are to thrive in the fast-paced, hyper-connected, hyper specialized world of the Service Level Economy.

You Will Learn
  • The advantages of establishing an operational system of record
  • A clear understanding of the role of each integrated system in facilitating desired process and intelligence throughout the organization
  • The four key systems of record in the typical service-centric tech stack
  • The value of integration in a services-centric stack

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