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mobile-bg2 Guide to Resource Management

The Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Resource Management

At Your Consulting Firm

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Effective resource management aligns the right resources with the right skills to best meet your client’s needs at the right time, while meeting your consulting firm's business objectives. While this sounds like a simple statement, it's a complicated challenge that firms face each and every day.

Inside the Ebook

While it can feel daunting, there is a set of best practices that have emerged that will help you improve control and take the challenges of resource management head on.

The following ebook will provide actionable tips so your business can develop a plan to capitalize on current trends and the latest thinking in resource management.


4 Steps to Improve Your Utilization Rates: Increase billable hours, and increase revenue


Get the Most Value from Your People: 5 Tips for Effective-and Profitable-Resource Management


Resourcing in the Era of Hyperspecialization: And why you need a new strategy


Mastering Resource Management: Increase profitability, drive greater project success, and ensure higher client satisfaction

“Mavenlink has completely transformed how we manage our department’s workflow. We can now see a clear path thanks to the increased accuracy of our work capacity views.”

Ben White

Marketing Production, Pearl Companies