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The Future of Work Culture

The Future of Work Culture

Workforces across industries and around the world are in the midst of a major generational change. Today, organizations are often comprised of Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z employees, creating a rare cross section of ages, each with their own career goals, work styles, and workplace preferences. The ways in which these generations interact and what they want from companies are not only changing organizational structures today, but are shaping the future of work.

Inside the Ebook

To help organizations better understand the needs of their workforces, Mavenlink surveyed more than 1000 workers spread across four generations to create a report showing generational workplace preferences. Business leaders can make critical improvements in their workplaces to prepare for the future of work based in insights including:


Workplace Pet Peeves


Remote Work Attitudes


Top Productivity Killers


Online Collaboration Preferences


Job Retention Reasons



A Look Inside

Work/Life Balance

Employees of all ages want healthy separation between their work and homelife. Understanding what this means for each generation, and how to encourage it without negatively impacting a company’s profitability, is critical for a successful, happy workforce.


Employees want to be able to know that they can trust their coworkers, their managers, and the company’s vision as a whole. Establishing and growing trust throughout an organization pushes all members of a company toward a collective goal.

Team Building/Collaboration

There are many different strategies that can strengthen relationships between employees, as well as countless factors that can weaken them. Learning how to improve collaboration and decrease workplace and interpersonal stressors can lead to a far more effective workforce.