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How to Win at Collaboration

Transform Your Communication and Connectivity for Success

Collaboration software has become one of the defining pillars of everyday work, helping to instantly connect teams around the world. Collaboration solutions can improve project execution and resource management by enabling better online communication and increasing productivity. When a business selects the right collaboration tool for them, team communication and business processes can reach a new level of success.

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In this eBook, you will discover how your business can use modern collaboration practices, tools, and platforms in the best way possible to help you determine which tools are right for your unique needs and business culture.

"Being able to finally have this ecosystem with Mavenlink where we could look at our resources as a whole and see where they were deployed, what they were focused on, what skill sets we had available, balance out the workload for our resource pool, and the forecast was a huge opportunity."

Jane Everett Goering

Resource Manager, TeleTracking Technologies


Understand The Basics of Collaboration in Business


What Does Modern Collaboration Look Like Today?


The Difference Between Chat Tools and Email


The Importance of The Modern Conference


The Emergence of Contextual Collaboration


What You Need to Know Before You Buy