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Improving Predictability and Profitability with Business Intelligence

Curt Worsey
Curt Worsey
Executive Advisor
and Business Architect

Project delivery teams need answers to get the results they want.

Are the project in my portfolio going to finish on schedule and on budget?

Do I have enough resources to deliver on my client commitments?

My team is busy... why are my margins suffering?

The same burning questions keep executives and project directors up at night. And it's not for lack of data — the challenge is getting actionable insights.

Thankfully, this is a problem technology can solve. In this webinar, we'll introduce how and why project-based businesses are using Business Intelligence software to get from data to decisions.

The conversation will be led by Curt Worsey, a 30-year management consulting veteran who served as a Senior Partner at Accenture before becoming an executive advisor and business coach.

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