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Agile Resource Management
Agile Resource Management

The Need for a New Approach is Urgent

As the complexity of delivering services continues to accelerate, so do the complexities surrounding resource management.

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As projects progress, resource managers and project managers struggle to visualize how fluctuating resource needs affect project success and profitability. There is one certainty: resource change happens and will continue to happen, and businesses that are unable to react quickly in this Service Level Economy will ultimately struggle to survive. The need for a new approach is urgent.

To combat this, an exciting new model has emerged that approaches resource management as a dynamic, holistic process: it’s called Full Cycle Resource Management.

You Will Learn
  • How to properly estimate the resources needed to set the project up for success.
  • How to allocate resources for projects in a way that maximizes profitability.
  • How to handle unexpected challenges or obstacles that emerge.
  • How to make smart decisions quickly utilizing the feedback loop created when analyzing project results.

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