The Future of Work is Now

Overcome the challenges today’s service providers face by discovering the latest approaches in global services delivery.


The globalization of services represents a massive, $3 trillion opportunity today.

But there’s a problem: The services business models that used to work just fine are inadequate today. To reach your full potential in this large and growing market, you need to completely reimagine your business. Adapt — or risk getting left behind.

Discover how forward-thinking services leaders are designing new models that allow them to better connect, orchestrate, and optimize their businesses.

If you deliver services and client-based work, Thriving in the Service Level Economy is a must-read.

Topics Covered

  • What the Service Level Economy is, and why it will transform your business forever
  • Solutions to core challenges facing services firms today
  • The 5 key values of thriving services firms of the future
Written By
Ray Grainger, CEO Mavenlink
Ray Grainger
CEO and co-founder, Mavenlink

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