Resource Management Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

Best Practices, Trends, and Challenges for Professional Services 


Resource management is an art that even the most experienced project managers struggle to master. The goal is to allocate resources according to project demands and scope, while meeting your firm’s business objectives. It may sound easy, but project managers who do it, will tell you otherwise. In fact, it’s one of the most complicated components of a business. You are hiring, managing subcontractors, planning projects, finding appropriate skills, scheduling resources, allocating time, and constantly making adjustments as plans evolve.

While it can feel daunting, there are a set of best practices that have emerged.

Download this ebook and head into 2017 with a plan to help you improve control and take the challenges of resource management head on.

Core Topics Include

  • Resource Management for Professional Services
  • 2017 Resource Management Trends and Challenges
  • Improve Utilization Rates with These Four Steps
  • Get More Value from Your Talent Pool
  • What is Hyperspecialization, and Will it Shrink Your Margins

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